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Resource: Resume Info
Interview Tips to Crush the Competition and Land the Job
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interviews aren't as hard as they seem. The actual hard part is beating the other candidates with your ability to connect and "wow" the interviewer. Whether in-person or through video, your likability needs to be at on-point throughout. Assume that the other interviewers are going to have nearly perfect interviews, so yours needs to be impeccable.

The pressure is on, but it's important to use it to propel you rather than overwhelm you with nerves. You  might think that in order for your interview to be flawless, every little detail has to be calculated. Attempting to do that though will end up leading to more stress.

Instead, that the saying of "less is more" as a guiding principle and focus on a few of the most important aspects of any job interview. If you've ever been to a fine dining restaurant, you'll notice that even though the menu isn't extensive, each dish is worth every bite. In your interview, you want to be able to master certain things that will linger in the interviewer's mind, by making the biggest impact possible in fewer. Here are three tips at the core of successful interviewing that will steer you toward landing a job offer:

1) Represent your brand on your body
Dressing to impress is basic interviewing advice but that doesn't mean everyone has it down. Your appearance is just as important as your tone, language, and body movements. When you want a potential employer to invest in employing you, you have to market yourself as a whole package. When in doubt, it's definitely better to overdress than underdress, but there is a fine line between overdressing and overdoing it. A professional look needs to be polished, but not necessarily formal. When doing your research, try to get a feel for what kind of tone and vibe the company has and aim to match your attire to it.

2) Find out everything you can about the company
This means going much further than a entering it into Google and browsing through the company's website. Doing adequate background research into the company means digging deeper into the crevices of the internet. Search trade publications to see if the company may have won awards or gotten recognition in its industry. Your research should give you a better understanding on the company and latest trends within the field. The more knowledgeable you are on the company's history and the direction it's going, it will make for better conversation and questions during the interview.

3) Expect the unexpected
Companies will often ask tough questions to throw off the candidate to see how well they recover. They're testing your ability to think quickly under pressure. The key is to think your answer through before saying anything. Some people might attempt to just start talking hoping that the answer will come to them along the way. Make sure that whatever kind of question it is--whether it's what kind of animal you would be or what your favorite move is--that your answer ties into your qualities as an employee. Your ability to answer the question without stumbling will prove to the interviewer that you have what it takes to handle the everyday stresses of the office.