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Resource: Resume Info
The Must-Have Clothes for Your Interview
Thursday, September 06, 2012

Networking and personal branding are all apart of the job searching process. Looking at it from a business perspective, you are a product that you want to sell to the company. In order to get them to buy, you have to have the entire package; that including the eye-pleasing wrapping on the outside.

Any interviewee who walks into an interview thinking that he or she can win the interviewer over with just their words and charm will walk back out with no more chance of getting hired than when they walked in.

People always say not to judge a book by its cover but those rules don't apply in the job market. When there are hundreds of people vying for the same position, employers can more easily base their decision on merit when distracting fashion statements aren't in the way. The sharper you look, however, is always an advantage.

Here are some articles of clothing that every wardrobe should have for attire success:

Properly fitting suit

In reality, a suit is a suit. The things that set them apart don't vary much as they all will have the same general compenents: jacket, shirt, tie, and pants. Things like color, cut, and material will also come into play when it comes to how nice a suit looks but the number one thing is fit. Even with the nicest, most expensive suit on, if it doesn't look nearly made just for you, it's not going to be flattering.

Classic accessories

Make sure your accessory choices don't overwhelm your outfit. Keep it simple while adding some flair to your look. Accessories and jewelry can give your look that extra oomph to show that you have a good sense of fashion style and taste. Employers will be impressed with your ability to refine a conservative look.

Basic black pencil skirt

A black pencil skirt is basic yet versatile. It can be as dressed up or down as the wearer. The thing about pencil skirts is that they are difficult to make look bad. Their style and length allow them to retain that professional, classy look that employers expect to see from serious candidates.

Nice portfolio...literally

In this case, we're not referring to the content that comprises your portfolio but the actual object itself. This applies to both men and women. It wouldn't be entirely appropriate for men to bring a suitcase in for their interview when the interviewer can already assume that there isn't much in there besides a few copies of resumes and a pen. Ladies, next to your mints and keys is no place to stuff professional documents. Instead of using your purse as a makeshift folder, get a nice leather portfolio to keep your papers, notepad, pen, and even tablet in.

Little black dress

A specific one you can wear to work, that is. Black is a good color because it's safe from making stains obvious and can flatter any body type. The key is to get a cut and style right for your shape to make sure that it doesn't show off too much skin. It doesn't have to be a drape, but it does need to remain professionally conservative.

Polished shoes

Everyone knows that shoes make the outfit. No matter how nice it is, your shoes will define how others perceive it. To guarantee that you'll look sharp, make sure to wear shoes that are shined, polished, and accentuate your attire. They should be dark and very simple. Your outfit needs to be one complete piece and the shoes are the cherries on top (or in this case, bottom).

Dress shirt

Dress shirts are great because you can wear them with that classic pencil skirt or with dressy work trousers. These need extra care, however. Ironing is very important in the appearance. Wrinkled clothes are the antithesis of looking sharp. These, too, should be a simple basic color like white, black, gray, or brown.


While this has more to do with grooming rather than apparel, it's part of the whole package. Guys with long, dirty fingernails are better off staying home than showing up with grimy nails. Ladies also need to keep theirs nicely manicured, nothing too crazy or loud. The focus should be on the content of the interview, not on 2-inch long leopard nails.

The optionals...

Ties and pantyhose are good to have around. They serve as that subtle addition to boost your outfit. Guys will look that much sharper and ladies that much refined. In the professional world, looking good means having style without having to flaunt too much. The corporate world wants people who can talk the talk and walk the walk without all the bells and whistles.