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Resource: Career Advice
Tips to Up Your Productivity Level
Monday, February 13, 2012

It's an epidemic. People lose motivation faster than they can muster out a subsequential yawn. But don't rely on being cracked out on coffee or 5-hour Energy's to get your productivity back up to speed. These are temporary fixes that can become all too easy as addictive resolutions.
Your productivity is directly related to your success; the more you do the more you'll advance in your career. If you're not getting things done, don't expect to get anywhere. But if you're noticing that your starting to get less done at work or are always putting things off for the next day you could probably use a boost in gain productivity.

Here are some tips to help you regain focus and keep your eyes on the prize:

Set daily goals for yourself and stick to them. You know that feeling you get after accomplishing something you set out to do? It's wonderful, isn't it? Try striving for that feeling on a daily basis, and more than once. It's a feeling that you're sure to crave more often and see good results come from earning it.

Socialize on your own time. Texting and interacting on social media websites are distracting and time consuming. You're wasting company time and resources so make sure you're not spending hours of the day chatting.

Stay at least two steps ahead. Always work toward being ahead in your work as getting behind can actually make you less productive. It's much easier to keep up a strong momentum rather than try to build on a stagnant pace. Trying to speed things up when you're behind can be more discouraging than motivating.

Don't take too many breaks. While taking breaks is good throughout the day as it allows you to take a breather and get back to things with a clear head, it can backfire if you're taking too many. Take breaks as needed or else you may get behind in your work.

Leave the dreaming for bedtime. Get your head in the game and keep it there. Whether you enjoy being at work or not, you're there for reason which doesn't include wishing you were somewhere else. Plus, daydreaming can make time go by slower. Keep on your duties and the minutes will fly by.

Grab the bull by the horns. Doing the hardest tasks first allows you ample time to get them done without rushing. This also gives you enough on your plate to keep you busy and stay motivated throughout the rest of the day.

Have your 3 p.m. pick me up. If you just can't get through the second half of your day without little help then by all means do so. But don't stop yourself if you're on a roll. An afternoon coffee or soda should help you get back on your feet, not to keep you there. Your work should be the biggest stimulant.

Get physical. Exercise does wonders for boosting your energy levels. Try to work in exercise in your daily routine. If you're really crunched for time throughout your day, make use of your lunch hour with a brisk walk.

Seek out advice. You're not the only in your office so you're not the only one who might need help keep productivity up. Ask your coworkers what they do to stay alert and productive. They might not have anything to offer but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Get R&R when you need to. We're all human and we need to re-energize ourselves after a certain point. There's no way you can ever stay productive if you're burnt out so make sure you take the time off you're allowed and supposed to. There's nothing like a great escape that can make you dive right back into things.

Have a positive attitude. Positivity and productivity go hand-in-hand. The better you feel about being at work and your contributions to the company, the likelier you are to enjoy doing it day to day. This is one of the best motivators as being happy and having pride in what you do will reflect in your work as well.

Raise your own bar. If you want to keep your productivity high you have to keep upping the ante. Raise the bar on yourself and your standards and you'll see that reaching them will produce great outcomes. Show yourself, your coworkers and most importantly your boss what potential lies within your capabilities.